NeoBUX - Best Project of the pay per clicks

                                                                Give me free money
NeoBux is not the first year is the best foreign project that pays for clicks on advertising links. 
$ 0.01 per click
$ 0.005 per referral click.
In this case the payment is made consistently and instantly. That is earnings, after the order of payment, will be available in your purse in a second. Deposits and withdrawals through popular overseas US payment system PayPal, as well as through a more democratic and gain more and more popularity Canadian system AlertPay. Not so long ago in the system added a new payment system Neteller.
So, for the withdrawal of funds from the system you will need an account in the payment system AlertPay or more common PayPal. Register an account in the payment system will be later, when typed the required minimum withdrawal amount ($ 2), in this case, simply enter your e-mail, which in the future register an account with.

Interesting project inherently reminds Neobux. Is a prerequisite : 4 references category Fixed Advertisements, viewing which affects receive referral fees in the next day. Substantial and enjoyable Unlike his older brother ( from Neobux ` a) , of the cost of the mandatory reference is $ 0.01 (1 cent ) for each view ( on neobukse total $ 0.001 ).BUCKS REALLY PAYS.


To proceed with the registration, open the main page. Will be recorded for a living, ie as a user. Column Member press the button Register now.

Page opens: You're just a minute away from changing your earnings forever (in a minute you from having to change your earnings forever). There have to enter the following information:

Username: - User name under which you will be enrolled in the system
Password: - Password
Password confirmation: - confirmation password
Email: - Email
AlertPay / PayPal Email: - E-mail to AlertPay / PayPal. If you do not have an account at one of these systems, you can register and will be later, when it will be to achieve a minimum amount for withdrawal. So it will be possible to change these details at any time.
Birth Year: - Year of birth. Will be requested when you restore the user's name in the case of forgetting
Image Verification: - Checking the picture. You must enter the characters from the image on the right.
Put a check I declare to have read, understood, and accepted the terms of service - I declare that I have read, understood and accepted the rules of the system.
Push the button Continue (Continue)
On the next page, you must verify your email address. To do this, check your inbox for the presence of a letter from NeoBux and from this letter, copy the code in the form of a sequence of numbers and letters in the form entitled Validation code for ... Then enter the characters from the image, click Finish Registration

Congratulations - Congratulations!
You are now a member of NeoBux! - Now you are a member NeoBux!

Press login now (There is also a link to Login in the upper right corner of all pages)

Link to this page Member login. It opens on a secure connection (protocol https). Here we will introduce:

the user name that we have indicated in the registration (Username)
Password (Password)
The second password (Secondary password) do not introduce, as it is not already installed. It serves the purposes of security and additional set of personal preferences (Personal settings). If you do not know why you need this second password - and then do not install it at all.
Enter the characters from the image into the field Verification code (Code).
Push the button LOGIN.
Upon successful login, we will see in the upper right corner of your name in the User (login) and next to it the balance in dollars and status: [Standard - +] (Standard Party - Raise status).
Just below links: View Advertisements (ad views. Figures in green or blue box shows the number can be found under to view ads), Chat, Forum.

To view the ads should be paid to click the link View Advertisements. Displays a list of ads. Standard user is not available mennee 4 ads, each of which can be viewed for a fee once a day. To preview the ads will be available at the time indicated on the left of the advertisement - Your advertisement clicks reset at. This is the time indicated by your local clock. A current server time (The current server time is) is indicated in front of the right. Usually midnight on the server comes at 8 am Moscow time.

Not viewed ads marked a golden star, viewed - gray star (the next day will be available for viewing again). Clicking on the unreviewed ads, you will see the message: CLICK THE RED BUTTON TO VIEW THE ADVERTISEMENT (Click the red button to view the ads). After clicking on the red round button opens a page with the ad. It is necessary to wait for the page to load and wait for the message: Advertisement validated! $ 0.01 were credited in your account. (Ad confirmed! $ 0.01 credited to your account). You can start watching the next announcement.

If you are having problems viewing, check installed and enabled the Flash plugin.
By clicking on your username (Login) the upper-right corner, you can drill down to statistics. Will be available on the left menu. It can be clicked Banners and get to the page with links and banners to attract referrals. However, if you have recently registered, you most likely will see a message: You can only have direct referrals after 30 days of being a user and having at least 100 clicks credited, which states that have direct referrals only after 30 days of membership in the system and have at least 100 paid clicks (ie, self-fulfilling one dollar).