system for earnings in social networks

system for earnings in social networks
SocialTrade24- a very interesting system for earnings in social networks.

SocialTrade24 - German analogue of our site who works with many social networks such as Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc. Facebooki registered in the system , go into their accounts sots.setyah and choose which jobs you would like to execute . Proposals you will come very much. Job is not difficult, you will need to put a Like or join a group . Price for action from 1 to 4 points is 2 euro cents . Pays stable minimum salary 10 euros typed easily. A referral system . Payments on the payment system - PayPal.

SocialTrade24 - perfect for additional income....

The system operates coin currency and the euro, the euro charged to you for inviting friends (refferalov), or exchange the euro coin ... Here is the whole meaning and thrill of earnings!
Why did you ask earnings buzz!? And here's the thing:
Coin exchange occurs on such factors:

1 coin = 0.02 euros

50 = 1 Euro Coin

Given the fact that for the fulfillment of 1 job you will pay from 1 to 5 coin, earnings will go just fine.

The minimum amount of Coin: 500 that is 10 euros per output.

Minimum withdrawal amount: € 10

Withdrawal occurs only on E-wallet PayPal.

Also, the system operates single-level referral system, for 1 guest referral you get:

10 coins
0.10 EUR
5% of the money earned and spent referral
Important: To get the above bonuses that must be referral made at least 25 jobs (clicks) on the site.

In addition to earning on the site can also promote their accounts in the social. networks, earning coin just wasting create their job, that's all.