How to make money easy and fast Major projects, which can be good earn extra money fast, get paid for viewing ads (Paid To Click) in the global network is not so much. Even less is really unique projects, working for several years and offers something to which others do not have guessed. This unique PTC-site - a Clix Sense.

What is the difference Clix Sense of thousands of other PTC-programs?

Firstly that the project really pays regularly, quickly and with little or no interruption. Since February 2007, when the project was launched, in November 2010 was paid more than one million dollars.

Think about this figure. After all, some part of it could be yours if you find out about Clix Sense before! But do not worry. Now you know about the project and after a while will be able to earn extra money fast though not thousands of dollars a month, but it is a decent amount, without spending too much effort.

The second difference - designed 8-level referral system that allows you to click on advertising and make money from your referrals, the number of which, mind you, is unlimited.

Registratsiya the project is completely free and will not take too much time, which is already not enough. How "Free Party" You get the opportunity to earn $ 0.01 per click, spending 30 seconds to watch. The number of advertising options - is not fixed and can vary from day to day. The amount of advertising.Unlike other PTC-projects is the ability to install the browser you are using, a special toolbar that displays the amount available to view links.

Download Toolbar for installation in the section ClixSense Toolbar. Of course, you can not just install and regularly check your account for available advertisements, but first it is not very convenient, and secondly, everyone who has established Toolbar Clix Sense participates in the monthly prize draw, up to $ 250!  Clicking on the links, you can gather up the past month 2 - $ 3, but is this, we spend time and recorded? The more that the minimum amount for withdrawal - $ 8.
Just at this moment, and the fun begins.
Apgreyd account costs only $ 17, not 90, as for example on Neobux. For the money you get a premium membership for 1 year.

What advantages does it give?

Wonderful benefits! Once preimum-acquired membership, Toolbar instantly shows not 1 or 2 links, as usual, and 400, 500 or even 600! Their number depends on the region of the planet where you are. Such as China, Vietnam and Romania for some reason do not take part in the project, and visitors from Eastern Europe will see fewer links than those in Western Europe or the States. In our region you usually appears 450 - 500 references, which is also very much.

What will happen then? In general, nothing special, unless you consider the fact that you have already worked about half the cost apgreyda.
Of course, the next day you will not see such a large number of links. But they start to appear more frequently than before. Again, depending on the area and it may be 10 or 20 or even 30 references per day. Not bad, right?
And then it's time to get acquainted with the main tools Clix Sense for making money - just killer, 8-tier referral program. "Free Party" gets at the expense of $ 0.01 for each new referral only for his registration! And if one thinks of purchase premium membership is automatically referrer receives $ 2 per account. Plus, the 10% of the referral spent money to buy reklamy.8 levels referral program is only available for premium members.

That's where the real magic begins, allowing earn extra money fast! This is one of the major advantages Clix Scence.; The project does not pay for clicks of referrals, but simply for their registration

For each new referral you get $ 0.10 for apggreyd referral - $ 2, when your referral will own, you will receive $ 1, and so on eight levels deep! In addition, you have a small fixed percentage of clicks your refralov that also bring a good profit, and when the referral buys apgreyd, you will begin to receive 10% of the clicks. Below driven plate, suggest your earnings if you will attract only five referrals, each of which attract more five and so on. Of course, this ideal case is rare in practice, if not met, but the potential is still impressive.

For registration in the project, you must have a PayPal account or AlertPay. Withdrawals are made once a month by the 10th day. This is done automatically as soon as the amount earned reaches a minimum at the conclusion.
Now you know the secret of the unique Clix Sense - involve referrals in as large quantities clicks on advertisements and earn money - here's all the technology.
Or not all?
Of course not all! After Clix Sense unique. You know what this picture?

This ClixGrid. Every time you click on the picture, the system remembers the location of the mouse pointer and you have the chance to earn extra money fast to $ 5. After. As you click on the picture, but this should be done, of course, in different places, a new window will open advertisement, but watching it is not necessary, you just update the page with ClixGrid again and you are allowed to participate in the raffle. The more clicks - the more chances to win. And believe me, wins in this game - not a rarity. Here are just a number of clicks is limited to thirty "free riding". Premium accounts are able to participate in the lottery sixty times per day.

Features registration and work

When you register on the site to fill a pretty three-dimensional shape.

Next, you simply log into the account and you need to work section Browse Ads $$, which you can find in the sidebar. After registration, I had 6 links on 1 cent and then a few more to add. All links to the site on 1 cent, for premium and are more expensive, links are added for dnya.Krome, there is the opportunity to play in something like a lottery, a reference to the game is in the sidebar ClixGrid. Click on ClixGrid and see a grid of squares. Under any of the boxes may be hiding cash prize of up to 5 dollars.
  Just click on different squares on the grid at the standards have 20 attempts per day, of premium 50. If you have not won anything, you just open the advertiser's site, which bought advertising in this grid. Earnings for standards - attracting referrals for each new referral you get 1 cent and you get paid $ 2, if your referral buys upgrade.10% of the earnings of the referral you get only if you Premium status and your referral also premium status.

Least to pay $ 10 online, payments are sent the 10th of each month, if you have not gained $ 10, the payment is transferred to the next month. Commission site for payment on AlertPay - $ 0.50, so that will come at the expense of $ 9.50

Benefits of premium status

As a standard, and not attracting referrals online especially not earn much, but like everywhere. But if you have a website or you're good at advertising to attract referrals, it would be advantageous to buy a premium account, which costs only $ 10 / year and allows you to receive commission from 8 levels referalov.Referral system works like this:
For each referral you get a lump sum of 10 cents per account. If your referral buys upgrade - you get the full $ 2 per account and 10% of his daily earnings for clicks, the percentage of income you receive from your premium is only the first level referrals. If your referral attracts referrals, which also acquires a premium - you get $ 1, and so on $ 1 to 8 levels of referrals. 
That is, if you have a lot of referrals, and many of them have purchased premium and actively involve referrals - your earnings can be very great. Once you buy an upgrade becomes available about 500 links to view 1 cent, you can all their work and immediately clicked all 5 dollars. 500 references are one-time, then for premium available for about 10-15 links a day, the best links course accrue to users from the USA, since their IP are more valuable to advertisers. popular among foreign users PTC sites, you'll see whether he will get accustomed among Russian-speaking users. We have not really accustomed to all kinds of matrices, where neobodimo something to invest to get more. Yes I do not particularly like to invest, but there is still a long running site and the amount is not large. Acquired premium today, came immediately to see 467 links, so try to immediately fight off as much as possible due to view links.

                                                                  My first payment