Full description of the site besucherhits.com

Full description аutosurf programs of the site besucherhits.com


 Besucherhits multifunctional German ATS auto surf

 The project opened in 2009 Thomas Westphal
 Project besucherhits repeatedly tested for payment and showed himself very
 stable German SAR

 Earning potential of this project is very broad ,
 namely available to us earning opportunities are:

 Klick4Win - lottery banners , the price of a click on the banner is very high,
 but the payment will be subject to win

 Klick4Werbedollar - clicks on the banner , pay less than Klick4Win but
 paid all clicks

 Paidmails - paid mail, as we can read from the mail or directly from the website

 Automatische Surfbar - auto surf up to 4 windows

 Manuelle Surfbar - manual surf up to 4 windows

 Zum Betteln - promout link

 Zinskonten - deposits

 The system besucherhits property loans go Werbedollar,
 which can easily be exchanged for or Lose eBesucher

 After registering besucherhits - 100,000 bonus credits

Link to register