German autosurf programs business deposit

There is a system of deposits.Investment interest
The principle is very simple deposit , you are investing your loans at a certain percentage
for a certain period of time. Upon expiration of you get your credits back but
amount will increase by a percentage specified contract.
What would you put on deposit loans you need to go to the point Zinskonten.
Next you need to create an account Konto anlegen.
Usually sponsor puts table explains the current rates ,
example of such a table , see below :

Mögliche Kontoarten

Dauer Zinssatz

1             0,89 %
7 1,65 %
14          1,98 %
30 2,19 %

Explanation :
Mögliche Kontoarten Possible types of accounts
Dauer Time (days )
Zinssatz Interest
We now examine the details ,
as can be seen from the table that tells us that it is possible to put a deposit on
And 1 day after get 1.90% percent more
that is, if you put 5 000 0000 credits is a day on the account will be 5,095,000 credits .
If you put 5 000 0000 loans for 7 days then after the deadline will be 5,145,000
and so forth in the table .

What would you put your loans on deposit in the field need to specify Kontoart term.
In the Credits specify the number of credits you want to deposit .
Opposite Zinsen You will see the amount of additional credit that you will receive at the end of
term of the deal .
If you want to enclose a deposit then press the button Konto anlegen.

See on your investment in the menu Konten.
Typically, the German car surfing is the maximum contribution limit !