German autosurfing hour

German autosurfing hour

                                        Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

Earn money with the Germans!
Much larger and faster than domestic postmen!

In Germany, many postal Clicks sponsors work in Los (LOSE) (Russian analogue of credit), and only a few with the Euro ... But we'll talk about the sponsors that make up the vast majority of Germany and its neighbors - working in Los sponsors. German lose-sites 4 times bring in more revenue than other similar sites! Paid links 1000 times. Overall clicks so that the day is unlikely that all'll click! Lose-links do not require confirmation, active scripts and can be read at the same time! And German autosurfing - without tension gives Millions lose! In the month under normal scenario, lose 100 million obtained without tension. In addition to the sites of many games in which you can also win Lose. In my opinion - this is the normal earnings. The main advantage of Los loans - that is their free circulation and redemption for real money. Los immediate conclusion.
At least to the conclusion ranges from 1,000 to 500,000 Los depending on the needs of project administrator.

What then to do with the Los loans, you ask?

1) moose can be sold at a price of 0.14 to 0.17 euros per 1,000,000 LOSE on the German market statt Wechselstube, but there is one thing - the money will be deposited into your PayPal account or a bank account, as the Germans with other systems work reluctantly.

2) You can also pass them and on the Web. Los ransom as low as 0.12 to 0.15 WMZ for 1000000 LOSE project deals with

3) Los successfully on the world-famous electronic auction E-Bay - so make your conclusions themselves.

4) There are even online shops where you can buy Lose for goods and services.

So what priimuschestva and the possibility of German sponsors before "our"
Lose >> input output instantly and with no commission
>> Little control viewing of advertising in the form of a CAPTCHA (insertion of check digits with images)
>> In most cases, you can open advertisements in several windows at once
>> Unlimited number of clicks and surfing
Lose games >>
Various investment programs >>
>> Stocks with a daily payment of dividends
Savings books >>
>> Daily bonuses for activity
Rally command >>
Lottery >>
Auctions >>
Enter when registering for all German sites must only available in German!



To register, click on the right button "Register Now!"
Carefully fill in all:

    * User Name: - Your username, have a nickname for the project.
    * Password: - create a password for your account.
    * Title: - your floor. "Sir," if you choose a male, and "Mrs." if your floor is lovely, that is female.
    * Full name: - include your name and last name (note that the comma between the name and the surname would not have to, otherwise, would be an error).
    * Date of birth: - here insert the date of your birth.
    * Country: - the country where you reside.
    * Postal code: - here we enter zip code
    * City: - the city in which you live.
    * Street Address: - street and house number.
    * E-mail address: - here we enter your e-mail address (your real one, since it comes activation email account).
    * Fill in the box below captcha those characters that you were able to see her. (CAPTCHA - Noisy random number, word, or other inscription, often in the form of a picture.) Put a check mark next to words, "I have read the rules of the project and agree with them."

Once again investigate whether typed correctly, feel free to click on the big button with the word "Submit."

If everything is correct and you do not make any mistakes, then get to the next page where you will see the only field available to fill:

    * Activation code - here you need to enter the code (digits) that was sent to your mailbox. So check your email (e @ mail) and look for a line in the letter, which was to have come to you, similar to a "Your activation code is: *****" (instead of stars you'll have more digits). Or just go on a long link in the email.

If the letter was received and cherished tsiferki found, then we enter them and click, again, on the big button labeled "Submit."

After that, the mailbox was to come a second letter with thought up by you username and password.

Now (in the event that you do not make a mistake tsiferok) You have to get to the page with the original settings of your account. Theoretically, this step can be skipped, since the settings we will deal later in this press on tighter, you are already familiar button "Submit".

That's all, registration is finished with what you and congratulations :)

Getting started

To log in to your account to link to "Members Area", which is located directly below the logo eBesucher (second from left).

After the login you will be taken to the main page of your account. Let us examine what is in it.

The first thing that catches the eye is the fact that the page is divided into two halves:

left "Exchange Visitor"

    * OPEN SURFING - start auto-surfing (the transition takes you to a page where you will be asked to enter a login and password, and only then start auto-surfing is also necessary to consider that the browser must be enabled to display images on a mandatory basis, in Otherwise, credit will not be counted)
    * Balance - but on account of loans BTP, just below you will see the numbers, the dot stands for the number of facilities ("15,044" - "fifteen thousand and forty-four")
    * In the safe - how many credits BTP in the safe
    * A new page - add a site to surf
    * Management - management of your sites
    * Statistics - Statistics earnings BTP loans
    * Text Links - add a link to serfbare

right "exchange of letters"

    * OPEN INCLUDED - read incoming advertising messages
    * Balance - how to account MTP loans
    * In the safe - how many credits in a safe MTP
    * New message - to create a mailing list
    * Management - management of e-mail newsletters
    * Statistics - Statistics earnings MTP loans
    * E - mail merge

At the same time in the autosurf can view multiple sites in order to set up this feature you will need to link to the "Settings" (found in the "Exchange Visitor") and paragraph Panel surfing is in turbo mode - put out an "active: up to 384 points in hour. " Then note the three points ticks and click "Change data".

Next, follow the link "Password for external operations" in the same menu "User Data" to create "ST-Passwort".

    * Your normal password (does not change): - here we enter the current password of your account.
    * The new ST-password: - create a password.

And click "Edit".

The best would be to change the "ST-Passwort" after each operation with credits (such as the exchange of BTP to LOSE on what or exchange site, the withdrawal of loans will be available for 7 days after your registration.) He also changed, as created.

For more safety in your account is "safe", where you can put earned and can not be deduced from loans, even knowing the right "ST-Passwort". To access it, you must go to the link "Safe" in "pips".

The whole process of viewing sites are in the browser, but there may be a hang-up or even any errors and if you, for example, sleep, and did not notice, eight hours of downtime you provided. And so, that they did not, given the sponsor provides its own software that will monitor itself for the surf and in the event of problems to produce automatic restart your browser.


In order to receive promotional emails, the first thing to do is go into the mail settings. To do this, go to "Settings" menu "exchange of letters".

The settings consist of three sections:

    * Delivery - set up to receive emails.
    * Interests - setting interest (writing what topics you want to receive).

Languages - the languages of letters (in which languages you want to receive messages).

Immediately go to the last section of the "Languages" and tick the checkbox of all the items, and then click "Submit."

After this, go to "Interests" also mark the checkbox of all the items, and then click "Submit."

With the setting of the first section of "Shipping" you have a problem should arise. (About the "Send" button, do not forget)

With the settings finished, will now explain how to read the letter.

Read them very easy.

If you read the letters from your mailbox, the letter which came just need to open and wait for a while until the very end of the letter, after the words "Status der Mail:" and a running stitch be a picture with the words "Mail bestatigt!" on a green background (note must be enabled to display images, otherwise you will not see results). If you see a picture, then everything is fine and you have received loans.

When you click the link "View PROVIDED" (on the main account page) you will be redirected to an internal mailbox. There you will see the message, not read will be highlighted more bold. Open letter to double click on the letter (there have been cases that people work could not read anything from the fact that the letter pressed only once, and it is, of course, did not open).


For the earned credits BTP and use MTP exchanger

Books earnings in the Internet

news articles

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